Primus Power Gas

Primus’ new Power Gas consists of a mixture of propane and isobutane. It is the most versatile blend, delivering excellent power from spring to autumn. Even if the temperature drops below freezing it still provides sufficient power to run a stove. Its versatility makes it suitable for situations where the weather and temperature conditions are uncertain.


Available in 100 g, 230 g and 450 g canisters.


Choose CO2 neutral gas

Primus PowerGas is carbon dioxide neutral fuel. To offset carbon dioxide emissions from the gas and the metal cartridge, Primus support the Darkwoods Forest project that is managed by Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and the Forest Carbon Group. Darkwoods, one of the most biologically diverse and oldest forests in Canada, is now a permanently protected conservation area thanks to the project. It is the largest project in Canada’s history and covers 55,000 hectares that include 17 watersheds, 50 lakes and a stand of western red cedar more than 600 years old. Unlike several neighbouring forests, Darkwoods is no longer threatened by deforestation. By preventing deforestation and introducing sustainable forest management, which include replantation of trees, the CO2 storage capacity increases. As trees capture CO2, the net balance of CO2 emissions from the gas is zero. The entire Darkwoods area in British Columbia is now protected and only a small part of the land is used for sustainable forestry.

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